House Republicans propose to cut $1.3 billion from health center funding

Posted on February 17, 2011


Pointless but Painful 

1.3 billion?  The Republicans really are serious about getting spending under control.  Oh, never mind, that amounts to less than 0.2% of the size of the defense budget.  But we can’t touch defense because pulling troops out of Paraguay would put too many American lives at risk–unlike closing community health centers, right?

Although this bill will not pass the Senate and certainly won’t be approved by Obama,  it is a good indication of the fact that operations in congress have devolved into nothing more than theater.  Undoubtedly, it is essential that the 112th congress focus on getting government spending under control, but slashing the budget in this manner is not productive.  Republicans will call this an instance of them making the “tough” and “adult” budget decisions that Democrats shy away from, but this is in fact a very easy and elementary budget decision that would only end up hurting Americans who can do very little to fight back.

Cutting funding for community health centers will certainly catch the ears of the Tea Partiers who have little to no idea how little $1.3 billion is; it is some delicious bait for the Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh folk.  At the same time, because this bill would mainly diminish the healthcare of poor minorities (the people who predominantly use community health centers), it will certainly not affect Republican campaign funding nor their electoral prospects for 2012.

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