About the Ideal

The American Ideal is in all of us, regardless of party or ideology.  It loves this land most, but understands there are others beyond it with myriad lessons to offer.  It feels a paternal responsibility to protect and teach the rest of the world that yearns for progress and democracy, yet it exhibits a childlike rebelliousness in the face of old-world chauvinism, racism, and nepotism.  It knows that success only comes with hard work and dutiful diligence, but it understands that such success must be made accessible to all those who wish to pursue it.  It embraces a statutory separation of Church and State, but only because it sees that these two entities are already conjoined indefinitely, as the existence of one naturally enhances our understanding of the other and vice versa.

And although the America we reside in has been, is, and will forever be imperfect, the Ideal must always be the intended end to our means.  As long as we never complacently declare that the ideal has been realized, the American Experiment will continue and, when all is said and done, it will go down as one of the more successful projects in human history.

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